Things that I've worked on

Web development is something that I've always had an affinity to. Since 2010, I've taken the opportunity to get some real-world experience in my spare time. Since this is basically a hobby for me, I've used a service-for-service model for payment, rather than cash-for-service. My clients have appreciated this; they are small business owners, and it's one less thing for them to worry about!

After The Bell Inc


This was my first foray into real-world web development and management, and I am currently maintaining this site.

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Richardson Esthetics


My client for After The Bell raved about my services to her esthetician, who operated a home business, and needed a website.

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I used the same philosophy for this website as I did for ATB mark II. I used a template and modified it to suit the clients needs.
I didn't show her the template to begin with, and it turned out that that was a very good thing! She was so pleased with the end result, but admitted that she would've had a hard time envisioning it with this template.

There were a few teething problems with this website as well; there wasn't one already in existence, so I had to go to Google and find out how to configure it to show up in Google search results. The configuration still isn't perfect, but it's closer!

Adding Richardson Esthetics to my existing webspace provider gave me the opportunity to reorganize my webspace to allow for multiple websites.

Due to unforeseen incidents, however, Richardson Esthetics is no longer in business.

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Dartmouth Sea Cadets

Website Content Manager

My son is in the Sea Cadets, and to stay involved, I managed the content for their website. This was my first exposure to WordPress.
Unfortunately, the person I communicated with ended their term and my information got lost until someone else decided to take on the content management and asked me to port it over to their host, so I no longer have access to the site, and no longer maintain it. It's still worth having here for the exposure to WordPress however!

Fetch Inc


While I was off work, I decided to see if I could trade my skills for Doggy Daycare.

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I gathered the requirements in a couple of one-on-one meetings with the client, and put together this proof-of-concept.
Unfortunately, the project never made it past the proof-of-concept phase. I'm still hopeful that the client will be able to finish this with me.

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